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Sense Life Wim

Product Detail Information

Sensing and displaying CO2, Humidity & Temperature, Sense Life Wim is specially designed for wall-mounting and comes in three different style(Sense Life Wim 300/Sense Life Wim 390/Sense Life Wim 530).
This could be perfect for kinder-garden, hospitals, hotels and other public places, where normally many people gather and everywhere indoor air quality could be a concern.
RS485 communication interface for Building ventilation control system.

Product Dimensions

  • Sense Life Wim 300 : 300 x 225 x 40mm
  • Sense Life Wim 390 : 390 x 300 x 40mm
  • Sense Life Wim 530 : 530 x 220 x 40mm
  • CO2 measurement range : 0-10,000ppm
  • Accuracy of CO2 sensor : ±75ppm, +5% of measured value
  • Accuracy of temperature : ±1°C
  • Accuracy of Humidity sensor : ±3% of reading