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SenseLife Tim8

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Sensing & displaying three key parameters of indoor air quality, CO2(Carbon Dioxide), Humidity & Temperature on LCD panel, it informs users of appropriate timing for proper ventilation.

Dividing the level of air quality in easy-to-see three steps, normal users can easily understand the air quality and to some technicians in BAS industry, it could be a source of sensing three factors all together in a single unit.

Being connected with Wi-Fi/Zigbee function, Sense Life could be more powerful in its functional aspect and all the information sensed by the device can be data-logged and utilized for Building Ventilation Control System. Being equipped with many more useful functions; calendar, alarm clock, dew-point alarm & CO2 Warning alarm, it is expected to be a must-have to many air-conscious indoor-livers.

  • CO2 measurement range : 0-10.000ppm
  • Accuracy of CO2 sensor : ±75ppm, +5% of measured value
  • Accuracy of temperature : ±1°C
  • Accuracy of Humidity sensor : ±5% of reading