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Sensible Multi Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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General information of CO2 Gas

People breath in Oxygen(O2) and breath out Carbon dioxide (CO2). This will increase in concentration of CO2 in the room and start to contaminate the air quality. Besides micro dusts, chemicals and other polluting elements, mostly CO2 gas co-ncentration is the major polluting element of indoor air quality.

CO2 gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless which cause direct harm on human health. The concentration level goes up where there are many people and if there is no or low ventilation system.

The best way to run the air quality system is to measure the amount of CO2 concentration and then control the ventilation system with it.

ASHRAE : American Society of Heating,Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

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- Multi Functional of SenseLife-Tim8

  1. Digital Indoor temperature humidity indicator function
  2. Dewpoint alarm function to avoid molds in cold season
  3. Concentration of CO2 is the factor to use ventilation system for better Indoor Air quality.
  4. According world standard indoor CO2 level should be under 1000ppm(ASHRAE standard recommended)
  5. NDIR(none dispersive infra-red measuring method is highly respected and used widely for their accuracy.
  6. CO2 Alarm has been set at 5000ppm which is Hygienic limit value(can changed by the push buttons)
  7. Time, dates and morning call function
  8. Many convenient personal preference function such as CO2 alarm setting, dewpoint setting, clock, calendar and morning call.


According to most building regulations, the fresh air flow should, in rooms where people stay more than occasionally, be at least 7 litres/sec and person.

SenseLife is applicable to...

Living rooms, Bed rooms, Study rooms, Class rooms Offices, Baby rooms, Nursery, Kinder gadens, Shops / boutiques, Underground market place, Ward rooms, Sports halls, many more..


  • Dimension : 115 x 108 x 63 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight : 180g

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